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Enhancing the capacity of school districts to provide assistive technology devices and services. 

The Nevada Special Education Technology Assistance Project (NSETAP) is established by the Special Education Branch of the Nevada Department of Education. The Project's purpose is to provide resources to school districts for making informed decisions regarding assistive technology devices and/or services which meet state and federal mandates.

The Project provides a range of services to education agencies, parents, and the professionals that serve students with disabilities. Read more about the services the project provides.

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Liz Isaacs

Project Coordinator


Who is a candidate for technology devices or services?

Assistive technology specialists are available to help determine:

  • whether an assistive technology assessment may be appropriate,
  • what type and level of assessment is indicated,
  • any further involvement of the project staff in the assessment process, and
  • available options if assessment is not warranted.

The process of consideration usually involves:

  • observation of the student in the school, home or other settings,
  • review of school records, and
  • discussions with teachers, therapists, parents and caregivers.

All options will be discussed and an assessment plan will be formulated, if appropriate.


The project coordinator and staff will work with school districts to determine how to conduct an appropriate assessment for assistive technology devices and services. NSETAP staff will help to identify local resources and will facilitate assessment activities in conjunction with school district staff. A variety of training options on assessment are available and the project will work with school districts to determine their particular needs.

Equipment Loan Program

A large variety of assistive technology devices are available to school districts for loan through the project. These include:

  • augmentative communication devices
  • environmental control units
  • adaptive computer access
  • software
  • switches
  • mounting systems

Consultation and Technical Assistance

Each student poses a unique set of needs, strengths and abilities. Staff members will assist school districts to plan implementation strategies for the delivery of technology services. They will help to answer specific questions about technology devices and services and work with district staff to design a program that meets the needs of the students and conforms to legal parameters.


Workshops, conferences and other training opportunities are offered throughout the year. NSETAP staff will provide information regarding training activities as they are scheduled. If there are any immediate or currently unmet training needs in your district, the project coordinator will work with the school district administrator to provide the necessary staff training.


Print and DVD materials on assistive technology devices and services can be checked out from the resource library maintained at the project.
The following items can be checked out from the extensive resource library maintained at the project: